About Us

About Oak Circle Cabinet and Furniture INC.

In Oak Circle Cabinet and Furniture, we understand our mission is not only just making the product that is on customers mind or on drawing based on industry standards and codes, but also we make sure that the whole process of work needs to be based on our best knowledge, experience, workmanship and attention to details running smoothly in creating the final product with highest satisfaction of customers.

Founder Portfolio

Alec is the second generation of wood worker in his family. His father and uncles were wood workers. After graduating high school and technical wood working school and some internship he started his business in 1993 with the goal of making high quality furniture and his signature design. In 2008, he moved to the United States. After several years of working with different cabinet maker companies, in 2012 he establishes Oak Circle cabinet and Furniture INC. to make unique products in quality and design.