About Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture Inc.

We are a cabinet and furniture production company. We build all types of cabinets from frame less(Euro style) to face frame, from modern to traditional, and built-in to furniture style. Also, we make solid wood furniture.

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    Industrial Style Living Room Cabinets LA

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    Three Pieces Entertainment Center

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  • House / RPG

    Custom Industrial style, reclaim wood (pine) top - Different legs/tops are available; Any size up to 10 feet - as shown: W 36 x L 72 x H 30

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    Solid Alder Wood Large Console
    W 42.5 x D 18 x H 30

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    Solid Alder Wood Large Console

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    Accent table
    Solid Alder Wood Small Console
    W 24.5 x D 16 x H 30

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    Accent table

    Solid Alder Wood Small Console

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    Accent table
    Solid Alder Wood Victorian Style Table
    W 18x D 13.5 X H 25.5

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Jackie A. , Valencia, CA - 5 Star

Project: Construct Built-In Furniture, March 2017

Great experience, they were very professional, and the work turned out to be beautiful and elegant, I recommend them to anyone.

Robert - Burbank

I was very happy with their service. Alec made very nice and high quality cabinets for my kitchen. He did it on time at a very reasonable rate. I highly recommend Oak Circle Cabinet.

Talin M. - 5 Star

Project: Build Custom Cabinets - December 2016

Good job, very good quality of work really talented. Very flexible on what I wanted

Andre G - Santa Clarita

Oak Circle Cabinet and Furniture made cabinetry and writing desk for my office. I am really happy with the quality of their work and their prices..

Cabinet Contractor Serving West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica

About Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture

Are you planning to deck up your house with the latest furniture and fittings? Do you want more space in your house but finding it hard to come up with new ideas? We, at Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture, are here to help. You will be amazed to see the range of cabinets that we have in store for you. Simply put, we are the specialists in cabinets and you can save a lot of space in each of the room in your house or even at your office. Truth be told, installing cabinets can make room for many things actually. You get more space in your room that can be utilized for various other purposes.

The style of cabinets we have and the qualities we provide are unmatched. From traditional to modern to face frames and Euro styles, you will find everything you need at Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture. Just in case you need solid wood furniture, we got it covered for you as well. Our team has the experience to handle new installations and we have come up with unique installation techniques that make it easier for us to install even the biggest cabinets on your property.

Built-In Cabinets in West LA

We have always specialized in making and installing cabinets. That is why our installation procedure is the simplest of them all. You can contact us for being your cabinet installation contractor and we promise to not let you down. From building customized cabinets to installing them to refinishing existing cabinets, the choice of service is huge.

To get the perfect measurement of the cabinet, we first start with the layout. We have got some of the most experienced carpenters working with us. After you hire us, we will send a team to take the full measurement of the area where the cabinet will be installed. Meanwhile, you can select from the range of cabinets we have. You can also give us your views if the cabinet has to be customized. After the measurements are taken, the drawers, shelves, and doors of the cabinets are removed. This makes the cabinet lighter so that it can be installed easily. It also reduces the risk of damaging the cabinet during installation.

The upper cabinets are installed first so that we can get the alignment correct. We use the clamp and drill technique to connect two cabinets. This is the fastest way to install cabinets and once they are connected, we line the face frames and clamp them all in one place. We often get requests for cabinets that have to be secured to the floor. Our technicians use 2 x 2s to make sure that the cabinets sit tight on the floor.

At Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture, everything is planned way in advance so that we don’t have to make any last minute adjustments. As your cabinet contractor, it is our responsibility to provide the best service at the most reasonable price. We can assure you that once you opt for our cabinets, you will not feel like comparing them with any other.

Kitchen cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, no one makes them better than we do. The composite case construction technique gives them strength and durability. You can choose any kitchen cabinet from Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture but each and every one of them would last the test of time. You can also accessorize our cabinets with organizational drawers, trash pullouts, and such other stuff whenever you want. There are lots of color combinations available for these cabinets. We also offer decorative molding to make sure that they go well with the color of the walls.

Bathroom cabinets

From single-door cabinets to the more decorative ones, we have got a wide variety of bathroom cabinets that you can choose from. Even the smallest of the bathrooms will look spacious once we install a couple of cabinets on the walls. We always suggest our customers get the bathroom cabinets installed on the walls instead of the floor. It not only saves space but also allows you to move around freely. You can customize the cabinets according to the number of doors you want or the number of partitions.

Closet cabinets

Closet cabinets can be great organizers in your bedroom. If you have too many clothes that you don’t want to pile in your wardrobe, our closet cabinets will help you keep them organized. There will be sections for clothing, footwear, daily makeup and space to keep your handbags too. You will be quite amazed to see how even the smallest closet cabinet can be perfect to keep so many things in one place.

Pantry cabinets

If your office pantry is cramped for space, you can get one of our pantry cabinets installed. There are times when the coffee machine takes up a lot of space and you can hardly move in the pantry room. When we install a pantry cabinet, we make sure it has sufficient room to keep all the items in the pantry room together in one place. There will be space to keep the coffee machine, mugs, sugar, milk and every other necessary item that is required.

Office cabinets

At Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture, we provide cabinets that are tailor-made for your office. We understand that storage is a vital part in any office. That is why we have various styles of cabinets that are perfect for any office use. Be it hanging cabinets or the ones that are fixed on the floor, the variety is huge. After you choose the cabinets, we will take a day to get the measurements done and one more day to install the cabinets in your office.

Living room cabinets

These cabinets come with a certain sense of sophistication because most customers want them to suit the theme of their living room. We don’t want our cabinets to be just another piece of furniture. Our motive is to make the living room cabinets add to the aesthetic nature of the room. The carvings on the door and the drawers, the wood used to make the cabinets and the different sizes and styles make them a must-have for your living room.

Laundry cabinets

Your laundry room downstairs needs space to keep the detergents additional space to keep the bleaches and other cleaning items. If you have longed for a laundry cabinet, do get in touch with us. We make the perfect laundry cabinets that are spacious enough to hold all your cleaning stuff together in one place. Your laundry room will get more organized and you will have so much space to do your laundry easily.

Solid wood cabinets

Are you fond of those big traditional cabinets? If yes, then you should definitely contact Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture. Our range of solid wood cabinets is the best ever. Starting from Cherry Hill collection to the Devon collection, you will be surprised at what we have in store. Our unparalleled dedication and attention to the detailing of these cabinets have made them the most preferred cabinets by our customers. We can guarantee that once you see these cabinets, you will come back to see them again and hire us instantly.

Reclaimed wood cabinets

Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture specializes in reclaimed wood cabinets too. These are rather small in size compared to the bigger cabinets that we have already mentioned before. You will get standard doors and drawers and they are best for your kid’s room. We have quite a few designs that bring an antique style to these cabinets.

China cabinets

Short or tall or wide, you will get an array of china cabinets at Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture. These will be perfect to keep your bone china items together. It can be the perfect addition to your dining room. In fact, if you have the habit of collection curios, you can bring home one of the special china cabinets from us. These cabinets are very durable and have glass doors so that you can see the items without having to open the door.

Types of wood

At Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture, we work with a large variety of wood to satisfy the budget of our customers. However, you can be assured of the quality of the wood and the craftsmanship. None of the wood we use has had complaints from the customers. We work hard to ensure that no matter what wood you choose, it would last for a very long time. Some of the woods that we generally use to make the cabinets are given below:

• Reclaimed wood
• Maple
• Cherry
• Alder
• Birch
• Oak
• Pecan
• Walnut
• Thermofoil
• Hickory

There is more than one reason why we are considered the best cabinet contractors. The quality of cabinets and quality of service are the two primary factors and secondly, the pricing that we offer is beyond your belief. So, whenever there is any need for a cabinet in your office or at home, feel free to contact Oak Circle Cabinet & Furniture.

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